Our Beliefs and Goal

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that we should show respect to our veterans, who fought for our security and freedom
  • We believe that vets should be taken care of
  • We believe that no vet should be left homeless
  • We believe that we can make a difference by capturing and publishing homeless and near-homeless vets’ stories

Our Goal

While the homeless veteran population is on the decline, there are still an estimated 50,000 vets who call our streets their home (source hud.gov), including almost 4,500 female veterans (source). There are also a considerable amount of veterans who cycle in and out of deep poverty and temporary homelessness. These men and women, who fought for our freedom and our security, and that of our friends and families, do not deserve to live that kind of life.

We call it a Shell of a Life Challenge because for many of them, that is exactly what is left of their life.

They left in the prime of their lives, full of bravado, idealism, or in some cases because they had no other choice. For many of them, the injuries, physical or psychological, were too much to return to a normal life. Some turn depressed and withdrawn, some violent, but no matter how dysfunctional they get — they deserve our ongoing support and a roof over their head!

It is a moral failure on the part of society to have as many homeless or near homeless people as we have — it is a double failure to see vets begging for food on the street.

We plan to make a difference in this situation, we hope you will help us.

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